Thali with Rice Roti Dal 2 Veg curd pickle salad

Best Tiffin Centre

CKC Restaurant provides the best tiffin service in Gulmohar area. The restaurant offers most healthy food and soothing ambiance. This makes it one of the favorite for the customers for having their lunch and dinner.  We serve  Tiffin  in thali and offer mainly  Chappatis, Jeera Rice, daal and vegetable. Food is made from fresh procured vegetables and authentic spices offering enough reason for customers to revisit. Experienced chef supported by trained cooks and helpers prepare the food ensuring the quality of food stays impeccable. The cooking procedure is in controlled conditions to maintain freshness. 


Our customers for monthly Tiffin or Thali are mostly Students. The pocket size of this segment is small. Keeping this is mind we have designed monthly tiffin service. We endeavor to provide the healthy and hygienic food at most economical prices. The Student thali which on a ala carte ordering is priced at Rs80 is provided at about fifty percent discount in monthly tiffin category.  

There are two payment options

1) Rs1300 for 30 days on one meal per day basis for 30 days

2) Rs2100 for 30 days on two meals per day for 30 days

Best Tiffin Service For Students in Gulmohar

We are passionately committed to provide best tiffin service. We provide the best food so that students staying away from homes can relish the flavor of home made food away from home. We have priced tiffiin service and monthly thali at most economical rates. Daily Tiffin may sound monotonous and to take care of this issue we ensure that we do not repeat the vegetable in a week. This makes the daily tiffin or student thali the first choice of students in near by areas of Trilanga, Gulmohar, Shahpura, Kolar, Chunnabhatti, Rohit Nagar, Akriti Ecocity. Our other  Thali Options can be checked in menu page.

Breakfast and Snacks

Along with the various options of Thali, monthly Tiffin and daily tiffin CKC Restaurant also offers breakfast options at very economical prices. Aloo parathas starting at Rs20 only is a very popular choice. Bread omelette is another very popular beakfast recipe. CKC restaurant also provides various combos at very reasonable rates. Combos like Punjabi chola combo, paneer combo, chicken combo are very popular. Pure Veg soya snacks are also very popular snacks for vegan guest. Details for Veg Soya Snacks can be checked on Veg Kabab Factory.

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